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Feeding the War Torn Homeless in Gaza

In 2015 we where horrified by what we were seeing over the TV and internet! Thousands of families torn apart due to war. Children and new born babies were being caught up this horrendous mess, which left them unable to access food for days at a time. Parents often choosing between their survival and the survival of their children, something no mother or father should ever have to battle through!

Over the past 4 years we have actively and regularly provided food and everyday essentials for these families. In everything we do we love to be on the front line with the people themselves! We flew thousands of care packages over to Gaza and distributed them around the homeless community who were once proud working professionals.

Over the 4 years we have helped feed and provide everyday essentials for over 25,000 people! Something we are extremely proud of and hold close to our hearts!

The blockade in Gaza is having a devastating effect on children’s health – and the ongoing conflict only made things worse.

Unable to buy high-quality fruit, vegetables or meat, their families can feed them only bread, rice, oil and sugar. Without the vital vitamins and minerals they need to feed their growing bodies, young children are becoming dangerously malnourished.

Over the last few years, we have been feeding school children in Gaza every day. We’ve reached to children in many schools, and last year, your donation helped us reach more. We gave them healthy, nutritional snacks and fruit juice to every student we were able to reach.

The results have been incredible. Children are healthy, they’re getting sick less frequently and their attendance rates at school are going up.

For this to be sustainable we need your donations.

Feeding the World uses your donations to help some of the poorest and most needy people on the planet. Your donations bring joy to them, letting them know that their brothers and sisters around the world haven’t forgotten them. Donation gives people hope that one day, with the help of Almighty, they will be donation givers and not donation receivers.

Ghaza Ramzan Appeal

If you would like to join in and donate to the brothers and sisters in occupied Gaza Strip, Palestine contact Gulfam Yousuf on 07438223745 or Naheem Akhtar on 07882539603 or Sajid on 07572251218

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.