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Donation Policy


The purpose of this policy is to govern the acceptance of donations and to provide guidance to donors in making donations to Feeding The World. Donors may be individuals, foundations, associations, businesses or corporations and could belong to any strata of society. For the use of website please refer to our general terms and conditions along with the Privacy policy.

Application of policy

The policy applies to the receipt of donation mainly online payments through our website.


Please refer to Feeding The World general Terms & Conditions . Terms and definitions identified below are specific to the donation policy and are critical to its effectiveness:

Gift, for the purposes of this policy, has the same meaning as donation.

Adequacy for purpose

Feeding The World encourages donations which support the advancement of its mission and goals.

Types of donations

Donations may be in the form of:

  • Outright gifts
    • Cash and cash equivalents – These gifts may take the form of currency, cheque, or credit card contribution. Cash gifts are reported as at the date the gift is received by Feeding The World If the gifts are transferred electronically, the date the funds are transferred into the Feeding The World’s  bank account is reported as the receipt date of the gift.
  • Pledges
    • Pledges are commitments to give a specific  amount according to a fixed time schedule. All pledges or changes to a pledge must be made in writing.

Acceptance of donations

All donations are accepted and can be made via our website

From time to time Feeding The World runs emergency appeals wherever applicable and our donors can select a particular cause / appeal they want to donate to.

Once a gift has been accepted, the Feeding The World  is responsible for recording and acknowledging it and keeping a track record of the transaction

Non acceptance of gifts

  • Gifts which do not support the Feeding The World  mission and goals, or which could damage the charity  reputation will not be accepted by Feeding the World
  • In rare circumstances Feeding The World may deem it necessary to refund gifts because it is in the best interest of the charity  or because the conditions agreed to in accepting a gift cannot or will not be met.


Stewardship or the reporting to donors on the impact of their gift is a vitally important part of the responsibility in accepting a gift. Timely acknowledgements will be sent to all donors and, where appropriate, special recognition of certain gifts will be given. This acknowledgement demonstrates the FeedignThe World’s commitment to maintaining long term donor relations and thereby maximising support to the charity.

Gift naming

Certain gifts may be acknowledged with a naming opportunity should the donor requests for the same –

Management of donations

  • The Feeding The World  is responsible for the management of donations, including the management of databases and systems that facilitate the appropriate handling of donor and donation information.
  • The spending of donations must be consistent with the requirements of both the charity and charity commissions act

Legal and tax counsel

Gift aids can be claimed wherever applicable is entitled to receive income tax deductible gifts and tax-deductible contributions.

Ethical Standards

Our charity adheres to strict code of ethics


Feeding The World will ensure that charity complies with relevant legislation with regards to donation and include the submission of required reports.

100% Donation Policy

Feeding the world runs a 100% donations policy.

A 100% donations policy means every single penny donated is used strictly for charitable efforts. Donations go into a ‘charity-only’ bank account from which nothing is removed for fundraising or administration costs. Whether £1 or £100 therefore, every little helps!

We are a small charity and work very closely within the community to generate funds for emergency appeals, and to employ voluntary staff as and when required for the appeals This approach helps us deliver a a100% donation policy as there are almost minimal administrative costs. Some of our donors exclusively pay towards the admin cost which helps us effectively run the 100% donation policy appeals

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